What We Do


Mineral exploration is a fundamental element of Mawunde Local Mining Community’s business strategy and growth plan, concentrating on gold, coltan, and diamonds. The company is dedicated to sustaining, expanding, and diversifying its operations by employing state-of-the-art technologies to discover and assess new mineral resources. The Government of DR Congo approves Exploration Licenses crucial for the company’s growth, and ongoing efforts involve submitting new Exploration License applications to support its expanding ventures.

Exploration Goals

Mawunde Local Mining Community is actively involved in exploration activities to enhance its production capabilities. The company strategically focuses on areas near its existing operations to extend its exploration footprint. New exploration license applications are submitted for promising mineralized belts. Additionally, a comprehensive geological study of the licensed areas is underway, comparing mining sites with other exploration locations to augment the understanding of available resources.

Exploration Technology

Mawunde Local Mining Community is making substantial investments in modern exploration technology, encompassing regional airborne surveys, geochemical assessments, and remote sensing data to evaluate existing and new deposits. The company is streamlining exploration activities within its Exploration Licenses, where gold, coltan, and diamond occurrences have already been identified. The focus is shifting from identifying targets to the evaluation process.


The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) heavily relies on its mineral deposits for economic growth, with mining contributing nearly 90% of total exports. While the country is abundant in various minerals, Mawunde Local Mining Community specializes exclusively in gold, coltan, and diamonds. Gold, coltan, and diamonds are the primary focus, with each holding unique importance. Gold, as the initial commodity mined, played a pivotal role in the company’s early earnings, laying the groundwork for future growth and portfolio diversification.

From our mines in the DRC, we extract and refine these select minerals – gold, coltan, and diamonds – each revered for its distinct qualities and applications. These precious resources are responsibly sourced directly from the skilled artisan miners of the Congo, aligning with our commitment to ethical practices and community involvement.