About Us.

Who We Are


Mawunde Local Mining Community, an artisanal mining company established in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1990, is licensed to extract, purify, and export minerals including cobalt, copper, diamond, tantalum, tin, and gold. Offering 80% ownership to indigenous communities in the Kivu region, we ensure seamless operations. As one of East Africa’s largest multi-commodity mining and metals companies, with operations in DR Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, Kenya, and Tanzania, we are among the top 10 community mining companies in the region, signifying rapid growth and success.

Code of Conducts

Our Code of Conduct delineates the fundamental principles guiding our interactions with stakeholders, emphasizing ethics, beyond mere rule compliance. Our ethical approach encourages behaviors driven by a commitment to doing what’s right, supported by the assurance of senior management backing for adherence, even when posing risks to the business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the livelihoods of artisan miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo by creating a market for their minerals.

Our Vision

To foster economic development in the region by trading minerals for essential services.

Our Values

Integrity is the cornerstone of our business. We conduct ourselves ethically and honestly, treating others with respect. Our commitment to providing quality products underlies all our offerings to our customers.


Recognizing our responsibility to extract resources responsibly, our sustainability and social responsibility strategy is integral to our operations. We aim to ensure that our business activities positively impact people and communities through opportunities such as employment, business development, education, training, and community investment. Striving for continuous improvement, we incorporate sound safety, environmental, and social management practices into all aspects of our business.

Investor Relation

Mawunde Local Mining Community adopts a balanced growth strategy for comparable value creation, emphasizing financial discipline while retaining flexibility for growth opportunities. As a low-cost producer with access to high-quality ore deposits, we lay a strong foundation for sustainable growth and development, creating shareholder value in line with globally diversified mining companies.